World's Most Dangerous Road

The World´s Most Dangerous Road consists of a full day ride that starts at 07:30 in the morning, when you meet your guides at Cafe del Mundo Restaurant which is located on Calle Murillo. Once you meet them there you will take a 45 minute bus ride with one of the Gravity buses to La Cumbre (4,760 m), which is the highest point, where we start riding. That is where your guides give you the bikes and gear, which you can try on to make sure you are comfortable with them. La Cumbre is also where you will get your first set of instructions on the first part of the road which is 22 kms of asphalt. During this first part you will go through a Police Checkpoint where you must pay a Bs. 25 road tax (2 times because you pay another 25 Bs at the last point, so Bs 50 in total), that goes to maintaining the road and building some toilets along that road, and that is not included in our price. Once you finish the 22nd km, you will start riding on the actual World´s Most Dangerous Road. It is a dirt and gravel road with huge drops and sharp corners, which you will ride until you get to Yolosa (1,100 m). The support vehicle is behind you all day, and you can leave your bags in it, or get in it yourself if you feel uncomfortable at any time. You will finish your ride at La Senda Verde, an animal refuge and eco-lodge where there will be a cold beer waiting for you, and a salad and pasta buffet lunch. There are showers at LSV as well so we recommend that you take a full change of clothes (including shoes) so you can shower and they provide towels, shampoo and soap for you. You can also take your swimwear as there is a natural river pool at La Senda Verde. You spend about 2 hours at LSV, with the animals or at the pool, as you prefer and then you return to the city of La Paz, with our bus. OR, if you are doing the zipline (1.5 km on three cables, flying over the valley at speeds up to 85 km/hr), you´ll arrive about 30 minutes later than the rest of the group at LSV, because you can do this extra activity at the end of the ride .The Zipline is normally 220 bs, but can be combined with the bike trip for special combo prices.


  1. La Paz